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Tight Hips?

Hands down the most painful injury I’ve ever had was when I tore my hip flexor running down the first base line beating out a throw. As a result of that injury, I have suffered form very tight hips, partially due to my own failure to maintain my mobility.

I have been using our lacrosse ball for some time to help relive a lot of tension that build up in my hips and honestly I think it is the best tool on the market for real pinpoint pressure to help increase our mobility.  Tight hips is a very real issue and can affect multiple aspects of our fitness. If you are suffering from tight hips check out this video below that shows how a lacrosse ball can really help change that for you.



video via: youtube

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How to Squat

2017 is 1 week in and I’m sure we are all smashing our new year fitness goals.

Here is a great little video that CrossFit HQ put out demonstrating proper squat technique. I know most of you feel completely comfortable under a bar, but it is always good to be reminded about form. For those of you who do not feel comfortable listen carefully and try to apply what you see.




video via CrossFit YouTube

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I’ll Be Even Better at 60

The mother of James Hobart started her CrossFit journey 4 years ago at the age of 52. Now, 56, she says she is the healthiest she has ever been.

One of the things that makes CrossFit so appealing to me is the a mindset that tells us it doesn’t matter what age you are, older or younger; it doesn’t matter how fit you are, overweight or an avid exerciser. CrossFit gives us a mindset that we can always improve. Yes we are competitive and always want to out work the other members, but at the end of the day we are all trying to improve.

Pay attention to what Lucie says about how food affects her workouts and overall health.


Video courtesy of CrossFit YouTube

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I just wanted to breathe!!!

I love reading stories about people who made a decision to win back their life.  Andrea made a decision that day to start living again.   There are many people who face tremendous adversity in this life and I am so inspired when they decide to face their struggle and fight.  Andrea is an inspiration to all of us and another example of how CrossFit and the community we all find there can literally save a life!



video via: CrossFit YouTube

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Sometimes we have to admit we need help!!!

We always remember our glory days.  We have always remember what we could do and we often think if I ever really needed to I could do it again.  “If my family was in trouble I know I would be able to help.”  I’m sure we have all said something similar to ourselves.  Sometimes we must come to a realization of where we are and what we are capable of.  Just like Tom did.  He had a wake up moment and made a decision to better his life.   Thank you CrossFit HQ for putting this video up for all of us to see.



video via:YouTube

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What’s your excuse!!

Everyday I wake up I can come up with 30 excuses not to workout without even trying.  I see this and suddenly all of my excuses disappear.  What could be more motivating this guy giving it everything he has.  This guy is a former green beret and all around badass!!

Video via: Instagram


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Say hello to Lydia Valentin Perez of Spain.  She is in the practice hall for the WWC in Houston Tx.  Here she is 3 repping 150k, 160k, and 170k.  She is the reigning European Champion with PB’s 124kg/273lb snatch and 147kg/324lb clean & jerk!

She is pretty much a beast that is looking to capture the world championship and by the looks of it, has a pretty good shot at it.

Video via: HookGrip

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Watch Out CrossFit We Have A New Queen (Errr Princess)!!

Look out Katrin, this little girl is getting ready to make a run at the 2016 games!!!

On a more serious note, as the father of two little girls I am encouraged by this little girl and her parents.  They are instilling in her the confidence to be a strong woman.  This is something that CrossFit has been doing since it started.  It is great to see the perception of women slowing changing in our culture and this little girl is bound to be a big part of that.  For far too long (and still in some circles) girls are fed lies about their body image through marketing in magazines and t.v.  It is nice to see parents giving their daughters better guidance towards a healthy life.

Thank you CrossFit and this girl’s parents for promoting a healthy lifestyle for all people, but especially young girls who needed to have stronger and healthier role models.


video via: YouTube