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Watch Out CrossFit We Have A New Queen (Errr Princess)!!

Look out Katrin, this little girl is getting ready to make a run at the 2016 games!!!

On a more serious note, as the father of two little girls I am encouraged by this little girl and her parents.  They are instilling in her the confidence to be a strong woman.  This is something that CrossFit has been doing since it started.  It is great to see the perception of women slowing changing in our culture and this little girl is bound to be a big part of that.  For far too long (and still in some circles) girls are fed lies about their body image through marketing in magazines and t.v.  It is nice to see parents giving their daughters better guidance towards a healthy life.

Thank you CrossFit and this girl’s parents for promoting a healthy lifestyle for all people, but especially young girls who needed to have stronger and healthier role models.


video via: YouTube