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Athlos Fitness Hip Bands - Athlos Fitness

Athlos Fitness Hip Bands

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Set of 3 Fabric Resistance Bands // Booty Band Resistance Loops for Complete Workout

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  • CLOTH RESISTANCE BANDS – glutes resistance band loops made from cloth, these non-slip resistance bands will stay in place and won’t slide or roll making these the perfect workout resistance bands. Fabric booty bands enhance your workout and help tone your legs thighs and butt.
  • QUALITY RESISTANCE BAND SET – loop resistance bands that are all the same size. Unlike other hip band that are different sizes our resistance loop bands are made with different strength levels allowing you to use all 3 loop bands and achieve full range of motion.
  • BOOTY RESISTANCE BANDS – leg resistance bands give you a great workout with 80 day obsession or other beachbody exercises. These glute bands for women will provide light, medium, and heavy resistance bands allowing you to achieve your ideal legs and butt.
  • GLUTE ACTIVATION – hip resistance bands help you warm up properly allowing your legs and glutes to activate prior to any heavy lifting. Quality resistance bands fabric make our fitness bands the best on the market. Thick resistance bands will maintain their tension and not wear out, you will be able to use them for years to come.
  • EASY TRAVEL – our hip resistance band will travel easy so you always have exercise bands for legs and butt no matter where you are. Plus our bootie bands are backed by our no hassle return policy.